Power Manager

Low Carbon Buildings

With the cost of power, becoming an ever increasing burden on business, it is now, more than ever essential for all companies to understand their energy usage.

Until now this has been far easier to say than to do, the problem all users of energy face is how to control its use and costs without effecting the operation of the business. Most companies only become aware of their current usage when they receive the invoice, which is of course retrospective.

With "Power Manager" you are able to see your costs in real time, hour by hour and circuit by circuit, in other words with "Power Manager" businesses can see where and when they are spending money, and initiate changes in practises to, in most cases, make substantial savings.

With "Power Manager" you can treat your energy costs as a manageable cost, just as you would staff. When preparing weekly profit and loss; as with staff costing, true energy costing can be included, allowing managers to be incentivised or targeted on a real time basis.